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The Artpreneurs World

Exploring the realm of fine art to enhance your collection can be a delightful yet time-intensive pursuit. Engaging the services of a skilled professional can significantly enhance this experience, and ABCD International stands as a valuable partner in your artistic journey. With extensive networks within the art industry and a team of seasoned experts, ABCD Int is uniquely positioned to guide you in building a distinctive and captivating art collection.

The benefits of enlisting ABCD International’s assistance extend beyond mere advisory services. Our industry connections enable us to source hard-to-find, valuable, and intriguing pieces that can elevate the sophistication of your art collection. Whether you are looking to adorn your home with a carefully curated display or seeking to create an awe-inspiring collection for corporate spaces, ABCD Int offers tailored advice and procurement services.


With our comprehensive approach, our services cover the entire spectrum of art, from old masters to digital NFTs. Whether clients are collectors seeking advice, artists aiming to reach new markets, or galleries aspiring to expand their audience, ABCD offers a solution with the expertise needed for success in the dynamic art world. Our commitment to serving the diverse needs of professionals and aficionados reflects a passion for fostering the growth and appreciation of art in all its forms.

We are offering an iconic work from his early days and two works on paper.

Offering four works include two early and two 70’s colourful medium size oil on canvas, all works are located in Europe.

We are offering a beautiful ballerina located in  Europe.

Offering two Concetto spaziale attese four and six cuts located in  Europe.

Offering three works located in Europe and the US.

Offering a beautiful pool scene located in the US.

Offering a fabulous large work located in Europe.

Offering a very rare work on canvas located in the US.

Offering a beautiful late rare work located  in Europe.

Offering a rare early landscape located in the US.

Current Masterpieces

We discreetly offer valued artworks on behalf of savvy collectors and estates to vetted buyers. Our process includes professional due diligence, fair negotiations, secured anonymous warehouse viewings, and collaboration with specialised lawyers.

Explore our regularly updated collection of masterpieces. Enquiries about listed artworks or specific requests are welcomed.

Discover the discreet world of fine art acquisition with ABCDInt. For enquiries or custom requests, reach out to us confidentially.

Here’s a sample of some works on offer. 

Offering one oil on canvas and two drawings on paper located in Europe.

We have one beautiful blue and white painting located in the US.

We are offering three paintings all published in Ambrogio Ceroni catalogue. The works are located in Europe viewable in secured warehouse.

We are offering several beautiful Monet landscapes and seascapes both in the US and Europe.

We have several works by master Picasso all paintings from different periods located  in Europe and the US.

Offering a rare late masterpiece located in the US.

Offering two oil portraits both in Europe.

Offering two large works and three smaller works located in both the US and Europe.

Offering two medium size oil on canvas works located in the US.

Offering a black tryptic located in Europe.

We are offering several Warhol works on canvas including Dollar Sign, Flowers, Celebrities Portraits. Works are located in the US and Europe.


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